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Why Us

Title and Closing Overview

Premier Title & Escrow was created to provide national and regional lenders and brokers with a comprehensive, customer service-oriented title company. We have combined the latest innovations in technology, a commitment to excellence, a dedication to the personal needs of our customers and years of title and mortgage experience to create a well-rounded, well-versed, customer-oriented one-stop solution for all of your title, closing and escrow needs.

Premier Title & Escrow is built on the principle that each customer deserves our undivided attention. We recognize that your goals for the end of the day, week, month, quarter and year are the same as ours - to get every deal closed and funded. In addition, you can be certain we treat every customer and client as a personalized business partner during every transaction.

Premier Title & Escrow is committed to being the best in the industry. We set goals and maintain the highest level of excellence - not just for the company as whole but also for the individuals that we employ. We promote Integrity, Respect, and Teamwork as well as focus on exceptional communication and ongoing personal and professional development in an effort to consistently achieve our business goals and objectives. Furthermore, we believe that client service should be second nature, and foster an environment committed to Convenience, Responsiveness and Positive Attitude.

Premier Title & Escrow has combined personnel from the appraisal, title and mortgage industries in order to understand, from each point-of-view, every aspect of the transaction. We believe that when a settlement service provider fully understands the lender's side of a transaction, that provider can offer a higher level of quality and performance in their service to the lender. That is why at Premier Title & Escrow, we strive to fully understand our partner's business, both inside and out.

Premier Title & Escrow was built specifically for you, our partner. You should expect no less than what we expect from ourselves - an ongoing commitment to Excellence, Quality, and Trust which is second to none, delivered by the most outstanding client service in the industry.

National Title Program

Premier Title & Escrow is a national agent providing title products in 50 states. We understand that time is of the essence and can provide title products within 48 hours. We realize that in certain instances, information is required immediately. In these instances, we will work with you and do our best to meet your needs.

Premier Title & Escrow Program Highlights

  1. Centralized Order Placement and real-time status with 24/7 access.
  2. Accurate Closing Cost Calculator.
  3. Simplified and Discounted Title Fees available in most states.
  4. Automatic Reissue Rates provided where available.
  5. Streamlined Underwriting.
  6. Standardized Product Format.
  7. Proactive Curative Staff with the Experience and the know-how to expeditiously provide you with clear title.
  8. Fast Turnaround Time - average commitment delivery is less than 2 Business Days.
  9. Reduced Post-Closing follow-up with policy delivered within 30 days after disbursement.
  10. Electronic Commitment & Electronic Policy.

Closing Department

Our Closing Department is arguably one of the most dedicated in the business. We understand your goals are set and we are part of the team necessary to meet these goals. The Closing Department is on-call 24 hours a day. Even in non-attorney states, your borrowers are always provided with contact information for an on-call attorney. You have 24-hour access to an individual with decision-making capabilities, so when you need us we are there.

Our closers draft Hud-1 Settlement Statements, which are emailed to you and accessible on line. We verify pay-offs to ensure that the liens will be paid in full and discharged and our attorneys will negotiate reduced settlements and draft deeds where necessary.

Furthermore, we routinely review the documents sent to us from our lenders and are able to recognize issues with these documents. This means we prevent you from making costly mistakes!

In addition, underwriting is centralized, and so is cash management. This allows us to offer creative solutions to settlement questions and to wire transfer funds without delay. Most importantly, it lets you close loans quickly.

Our Post-Closing Department conducts an audit on each and every file closed Premier Title & Escrow. We ensure that any at-closing stipulations have been met. We make certain that the documents are properly signed, dated and notarized. We always ensure that documents are returned to our lenders in a timely fashion to avoid any delays in funding. At Premier Title & Escrow, we are extremely committed and experienced which ensures that borrowers are funded on time. In addition, we can handle Pre-Closing and Post-Closing Compliance Audits, ensuring that your files are originated in full compliance with relevant state and federal laws as well as meet your secondary investor guidelines.

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*We do not provide any legal services in the State of North Carolina. - We do not provide any products or Services in the State of Texas.