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What We Offer

Turn Times

We have access to the largest library of back title making our turn-times impossible to beat and allowing us to speedily resolve stale, un-discharged liens.

24 Hours a Day — 365 Days a Year

Premier Title & Escrow understands that a loan closing should not disrupt a borrower's life or work schedule. We understand that the key to the mortgage industry is reputation and we are a reflection of the loan officers, brokers, lenders and banks we represent. For us, your borrower's convenience is our highest priority. In compliance with state law, we will conduct the closing at any time and any place. We do not utilize the point and sign process, but rather, your borrowers have 24-hour access to an attorney to answer their questions before, during and after the loan closing - even in non-attorney states.

Guaranteed Fees

Premier Title & Escrow guarantees all of its title fees for both purchases and refinances in all 50 states. Unlike our competitors that require you place an order prior to receiving a Pre-Hud, Premier Title & Escrow will provide you with a username & password to access fees anytime, anywhere, immediately. We also offer manual Pre-Huds, which are completed and returned to you within 20 minutes of request. This helps you to be exact with your borrower from the get-go and minimizes the need to re-disclose. Providing accurate figures and an exact Good Faith Estimate from the beginning helps foster trust and increases Borrower satisfaction with the transaction, creating a higher closing ratio. We as your partners are happy to provide this service. We also will create templates for your company expediting submission and approval of Hud-1 settlement statements and ensuring that the closing takes place on time.

Reverse Mortgage Closing Specialists

Premier Title & Escrow is a member of National Reverse Mortgage Lender's Association (NRMLA) and our staff members are currently completing the requirements to become Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals (CRMP). We are familiar with guidelines governing reverse mortgage loans, and, therefore, are proactive in ensuring that title to the property is consistent with relevant law and guidelines. Our Closing Agents and Signing Agents are well-versed and trained in reverse mortgage requirements and can provide Borrower with extensive guidance and support throughout the closing process. Premier Title & Escrow recognizes that seniors need special care and goes above and beyond to make the process convenient and uncomplicated. Furthermore, we utilize vetted signing agents and conduct background checks so you can be sure your borrower is in safe hands. A process that is the norm for us, but has yet to be adopted as an industry best practice.

All-Inclusive Service

Premier Title & Escrow is able to handle all aspects of the settlement process. We have extensive experience with Consolidation, Extension, Modification Agreements (CEMA), which can save thousands for the borrower in the State of New York. We also provide Trust Certifications, allowing the borrower's property to remain in trust, while ensuring your lending criteria is met. We maintain a database of relevant state and federal law, as well as disclosures that you can access at any time.

REO Nationwide

Premier Title & Escrow has nationwide experience providing comprehensive Title and Escrow solutions for the entire default process from pre-foreclosure to purchase and right through REO. We provide centralized management of nationwide REO title orders for lenders, loan servicers and asset management companies. We can provide Title Report, Title Commitments as well as full settlement services from start to finish. Our full service team approach, advanced technology systems and national network of attorneys facilitates a convenient solution for title and closing all from one corporate location.

Regulatory Compliance

Premier Title & Escrow was one of the first title companies in the country to provide regulatory assistance and comprehensive compliance services. Regulatory issues can be complex, confusing, and time consuming. We have specific expertise with the regulations, the regulatory process, and the agencies that write and enforce the regulations. No other company has the experience, education or designations that Premier Title & Escrow's staff has in the field of regulatory compliance. From the initial assessment phase through final implementation of a compliance monitoring program, we are the experts in this field. We routinely provide record-keeping systems, forms, written procedures, training, and on-going compliance assistance to our clients.


Premier Title & Escrow routinely assists our clients in achieving a statewide, region-wide, or nationwide mortgage presence. Whether you are seeking to expand slowly or need a national presence immediately, Premier Title & Escrow will meet and exceed your expectations. We'll take care of the licensing so that you can focus on lending. We have more than 15 years of experience and expertise to provide assistance with obtaining state licenses for residential mortgage lending, mortgage soliciting and brokering for companies and originators. We recently assisted two national banks in launching their residential mortgage platforms. We are also able to assist you in your strategy for expansion. Furthermore, we can assume the responsibilities of renewals and annual reports. We can provide as much or as little assistance as you need.


Premier Title & Escrow can customize its services to your needs. Additionally, we can provide reporting for virtually all client requests. Our clients are able to track their own efficiency through our reporting. Additionally, our Funding/Delayed Funding Report has allowed several lenders to increase on time fundings substantially, which leads to savings, increases borrower satisfaction and fosters repeat customers and referrals.


Premier Title & Escrow has created web portals for fast, easy integration and data exchange from each of point of our process. By integrating with Premier Title & Escrow, you can streamline your internal process and decrease your labor costs.
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*We do not provide any legal services in the State of North Carolina. - We do not provide any products or Services in the State of Texas.