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Our Process

Post-Closing Audit

Every loan closed through Premier Title & Escrow undergoes a pre-closing and post-closing audit to ensure that the loan is drafted and executed properly. We consider our clients partners. Accordingly, our audit does not address only title defects, but reviews Lender functions as well. In fact, our audit tracks your trailing documents, ensuring that you have a complete package including recorded documents and policy promptly. Also, we can provide a title/appraisal reconciliation report to ensure that the security interest matches the valuation method. We can also provide pre-closing and post-closing audits to ensure lender disclosures and fees are consistent with relevant state and federal law.

Document Preparation

Premier Title & Escrow's Document Preparation team can service your needs in many ways. We are capable of drafting your documents from pre-closing disclosures through the entire closing packagenationwide. Our partner companies save money and increase efficiency by outsourcing this function to us. They focus on origination and we focus on getting the loan closed.


Scheduling a closing with Premier Title & Escrow is a simple streamlined process.  You can schedule your closing on-line, via email or with a simple phone call.  The scheduling department at Premier Title & Escrow will contact the borrower to confirm the closing date and time, as well as address any questions that the Borrower may have.  The Borrower will be provided with our contact information, as well as a direct phone number for an on-call attorney. By implementing this on-call system, Premier Title & Escrow has decreased closing table fall-outs and delayed fundings exponentially for our partners.

Clear to Close Program

We have implemented a Clear to Close Program for ourselves, which requires prompt responses and proactive curative work.  We have an on-line system, whereby our clients can securely access loan information and documentation.  The status of your loan is constantly updated in our system, keeping you informed at all times. When you are ready to close your loan, so are we.

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